Jacqueline Poon is a designer who works mainly with print, publication, and identity design.

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Branding for a speculative exhibition exploring innovation and invention. The identity resembles industrial blueprints, and heavily utilises laser engraving across its applications.

Features a double sided mailer and postcards, and laser cut shapes which can piece together in multiple ways.

Memo Review

Proposed layout for Memo Review's inaugural annual printed journal. The online publication features exhibition reviews from art history graduates of Melbourne and Monash Universities.

Printed in black and white on Envirocare.

Green Screen Queen

A zine which combines internet meme culture with the public’s infatuation with the British monarchy. 

Find Your Fortune

Installation with supplementary publication exploring the Japanese origins of the fortune cookie. Fortunes taken from an online generator juxtapose the traditionally intimate nature of receiving a fortune.

Publication is hand bound and printed on Gyokuryu rice paper.


Publication that documents a section of suburbia as it transitions from day to night.

Melbourne Cinémathèque

Proposed poster and catalogue for Melbourne Cinémathèque’s 2019 season. Inspired by long exposure images and light projections.

Includes a promotional poster, double sided catalogue and animated cinema screens.